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Appetizer Menu

Appetizer Menu

Appetizer Menu

Appetizer Menu

Egg Rolls

Crispy and golden egg rolls filled with savory pork, shrimp, or veggie fillings, the shattering crun..

8.99 USD


Crispy, char-grilled bread topped with the fresh brightness of tomatoes, basil, and garlic mingling ..

6.99 USD

Oven Baked Mushrooms

Plump, garlicky mushrooms with tender interiors surrounded by crispy, seasoned edges practically mel..

6.99 USD

Beef Fritters

Crispy golden fritters enveloping tender bites of seasoned beef and veggies

4.99 USD

Fried Dumplings

Golden fried dumplings, delicately crispy on the outside giving way to pillowy soft centers cradling..

7.99 USD

Sampler Plate

Crispy golden cheese pulls clinging to oozing white mozzarella meet salty fries and crunchy onion ri..

12.99 USD
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