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Seasonal Menu

Served Oct to Nov

Seasonal Menu

Seasonal Menu

Pumpkin Soup

Velvety pumpkin bisque garnished with crispy fried sage leaves and a swirl of cream is cozy comfort ..

8.99 USD

Tofu Plum Vegan

Sweet and tangy roasted plums nestled into tender tofu glazed with ginger and garlic is a beautiful ..

12.99 USD

Fig Cheese Bread

Sliced figs nestled into fluffy, golden bread alongside melty gouda cheese creates a sweet and savor..

7.99 USD

Roasted Duck

Perfectly bronzed and crisp duck skin wraps tender, succulent meat, golden fat and savory juices tha..

18.99 USD

Pumpkin Pasta

Tender pumpkin ravioli cradling smooth ricotta filling float in a buttery sage sauce speckled with r..

14.99 USD

Pumpkin Apple Bread

Moist and fragrant pumpkin quick bread swirled with cinnamon spiked apples is a cozy autumnal treat,..

6.99 USD
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